• Donald Trump Loses Another Electoral College Vote

    Donald Trump Loses Another Electoral College Vote0

    Unless you’re a monk with no internet, television, or outside contact you’ll know that Donald Trump is our president-elect. Since he won based on electoral college votes despite losing the popular vote, people across the nation have been begging electoral college voters to vote against Trump. If that sounds like a lot to ask for,

  • Hillary Clinton Up To 1.7 Million Votes Over Trump

    Hillary Clinton Up To 1.7 Million Votes Over Trump0

    There is much controversy over Trump’s presidential victory. Even though Clinton won the popular vote Trump won because of the electoral college vote. The election is long over, so why are votes still being counted? There are millions of voters each election but in order to save some time they announce the winner of each

  • Trump Says Stop Hate Crimes

    Trump Says Stop Hate Crimes0

    Many will say Donald Trump built his presidency through racism, sexism, and bigotry. His presidential win apparently signaled to many of his supporters that it is open season on minorities. The sheer volume of hate crimes since he was elected spiked. Hundreds if not thousands of explicit hate crimes against all minorities including but not

  • How Did Trump Win?

    How Did Trump Win?0

    Half the nation mourns while the other half celebrates. This election has been one of the most polarized in history. The voting came down to hating the other candidate more than your own rather than liking your candidate more. All credible polls had Clinton winning the election with a 1% margin of error, and in

  • Could Trump Still Win Election?

    Could Trump Still Win Election?1

    Could Trump still win the election? The short answer is, probably no. But the long answer is, a long shot maybe. Now you might think how can that be? Media has revealed him for the monster that he is and the polls clearly show Clinton with an overwhelming lead. That statement isn’t wrong. Polls do

  • Donald Trump’s Misogynistic Video Cripples Campaign

    Donald Trump’s Misogynistic Video Cripples Campaign0

    It’s finally happened, Donald Trump’s big mouth has finally hit the last nail in his own coffin. It’s no secret that Donald Trump doesn’t think very highly of minorities and women but a video has been released that shows just how disgusting Trump really is. The video was taken in 2005 when he was talking