Privacy Policy
One of the most important things to us is that any data or information you give us is personal, and we want to keep it that way. That is why any information we receive, whatever it is, will be protected. Any information that you give us that means we may be able to identify you will always be treated in this way. We will never pass on any information that you give us to anyone else.
1. Information Collected
WorldPressRoom understands the importance of maintaining your privacy, and strives to provide services with your security in mind. You will be asked for consent if your personal information is to be used in a way other than originally intended. For us to identify which areas of WorldPressRoom are used the most and provide statistical analysis of the site, we will record information such as your browser type, IP address, timestamp information and the pages you’ve viewed. This will help us make site enhancements and offer you the highest quality experience possible
WorldPressRoom will ask you for and keep a record of personal information, including name, email address, login time, and Facebook profile photo. You may change these details and settings on your account page. Submissions you make through WorldPressRoom may be saved or exhibited publicly on the website, in order to provide the most complete version of our services. “Submissions” refers to any material you post to WorldPressRoom or information displayed on your profile.
We will record certain information that you provide in feedback, questions, or registered complaints in order to efficiently respond to your questions or concerns.
1. Information Disclosure
By reading this, you acknowledge and accept that WorldPressRoom is not responsible for information that may be intercepted while being transferred through the Internet. By reading this, you also release WorldPressRoom from any claims that surface due to information interception. Even though you may find links and access to unaffiliated third-party sites on WorldPressRoom, we are not accountable for any privacy practices related to those companies or websites. Please make sure you take time to read the privacy practices of these websites as well.
III. How This Information is Used
Your personal information may be accessed by affiliates of WorldPressRoom, such as our parent company, subsidiaries, or joint ventures, that are currently with us or have the potential to be with us in the future. These affiliates are obligated to honor this privacy policy. If another company obtains WorldPressRoom, that company will then possess your personal information. However, they too are under strict obligation to honor the claims of this privacy policy. Third parties that work with WorldPressRoom may receive submissions you make through the website, which may end up being published on their sites or platforms. This information includes your account name, but not your personal information, unless it was listed in the submission.
Information related to user behavior may be disclosed to third parties in connection with a present or future business partnership. This includes information relating to users that have clicked advertising banners and the number of users visiting our site.
When you visit WorldPressRoom, you will see advertisements from third parties displayed on the site. Information about your visit to the site may be used by these companies, not including your name, email address, or telephone number. This helps them choose advertisements that you would find most interesting. Click here for more information about our advertising process, or not having your information used by these third parties.
1. Cookies and Web Beacons
WorldPressRoom does use cookies and/or web beacons in order to improve the site through browser identification. Cookies are small fragments of information that are transferred to your hard drive while you are on the site. You may disable the use of cookies through your browser, but doing so could limit your use of WorldPressRoom.
1. Privacy Policy Enforcement
Privacy Policy Enforcement: To enforce our privacy policy or to comply with a legal investigation, any information, including personal information, may be referenced. In compliance with legal procedures such as warrants, statutes, or court orders, your personal information may be distributed to third parties, to take action against illegal activities or to enforce our privacy policy. WorldPressRoom is not obligated to question the legitimacy of any government request.
1. Compliance with the California Privacy Protection Act
We have taken the necessary measures to conform to the California Online Privacy Protection Act for the purpose of protecting your privacy. Therefore, your information will not be distributed to outside parties without your consent.
VII. Compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Act
We have taken the necessary measures to conform to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. Our site, services and products are directed for use by people over the age of 13. We do not collect information from anyone under the age of 13, in any circumstance.
VIII. Privacy Policy Changes
This privacy policy is subject to modifications at any time. Any modifications will be posted to this page. You will be notified via email if any changes regarding the distribution of your personal information are made.
1. Contacting Us
If you have questions, comments, or concerns regarding anything previously stated in the privacy policy or to utilize the rights contracted here please use the contact form to contact us.