• Elon Musk Says New Autopilot Could Save Lives

    Elon Musk Says New Autopilot Could Save Lives0

    You might remember a couple months ago the first automobile autopilot death was reported. The poor soul was relying far too much on a Tesla Model S autopilot when the car mistook a white truck for a white sky and ran right into it on a freeway. Tesla is very clear that you should still

  • The Next Big Technology Leap is Here

    The Next Big Technology Leap is Here0

    There have been only a few revelations in the last century that catapulted technology leaps and bounds over where it was previously. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin have just made a breakthrough. For decades scientists have been trying to harness the power of carbon nanotubes. These tubes can be up to a single carbon

  • First Seven Jobs Hashtag Takes Twitter By Storm

    First Seven Jobs Hashtag Takes Twitter By Storm0

    Everyone has to start somewhere. Even the most famous people who have accomplished amazing things in their lifetime started from the bottom, somewhere. That’s what #firstsevenjobs or #first7jobs has shown us. The idea was first started by Twitter user named @mariancall on Aug 4th. She asked a simple question, “What were your first 7 jobs?”

  • Windows 10 Isn’t Free Anymore

    Windows 10 Isn’t Free Anymore0

    Microsoft has had some hits and some misses when it comes to upgrading their flagship product, the Windows operating system. Windows XP was and still is one of the most popular computer operating systems in the world. The successor, Windows Vista was not well received. Microsoft was quick to come out with Windows 7, 8,

  • Man Builds Homes for Homeless with Trash

    Man Builds Homes for Homeless with Trash0

    A video online became viral. A man named Oscar Mendez was actively changing the world when most people would only dream or speak of doing so. Oscar is solving one world issue by solving another one. He works to reduce plastic waste by recycling them into building materials so he can build homes for the

  • Brewery Developed Edible Six-Pack Holder

    Brewery Developed Edible Six-Pack Holder0

    Millions of birds and other aquatic animals die every year because of plastic six-pack ring holders. Years ago, this was brought to the attention to the public and a campaign to cut up the rings was everywhere. Today, that message has been lost in a torrent of a million different ways we’re polluting the Earth.