• Obama Will Not Apologize for Hiroshima

    Obama Will Not Apologize for Hiroshima0

    Current president, Barack Obama, plans on making his 10th trip to Asia. His hope is to shift the political focus from the middle east to the far east where there is a lot of opportunities to work with other world powers. He will visit Vietnam and Japan. The trip will conclude with a meeting of

  • Germany Produced So Much Renewable Energy They Paid People to Use It

    Germany Produced So Much Renewable Energy They Paid People to Use It0

    It’s no secret that the environment is taking some big hits in our current industry heavy world. Pollution has reached an all time high and most experts agree that if we don’t do something soon, the effects to our planet can be both devastating and permanent, if it’s not already too late. So now renewable

  • Landslide in Southern China

    Landslide in Southern China0

    In southern China, days of heavy rain has caused a hydro-electric plant to sustain heavy damage. There was a landslide that moved approximately 100,000 cubic meters (3.5 million cubic feet) of rocks and mud. Emergency responders rushed to the scene but have only so far uncovered 10 bodies as of Monday. There are still 31

  • Buddhist Temple Creates Robot Monk

    Buddhist Temple Creates Robot Monk0

    With technology like smartphones being so inexpensive and pervasive it’s a small wonder that anyone can get anything done without being “connected.” But, that level of connectivity and being tethered to a constant stream of information comes at a cost. It’s difficult to find what people call “inner peace.” Since China eased regulations around religious

  • Japan’s Future for Military Technology

    Japan’s Future for Military Technology0

    When it comes to world superpowers, military and intelligence assets are worth more than gold. To date, only three nations have designed and test flown a version of a stealth fighter jet. The United States, Russia, and China were considered the world powers that dominate the skies when it came to military strength. Japan is

  • New Miss Universe Philippines 2016

    New Miss Universe Philippines 20160

    The votes are in and the actual winner was announced. Maxine Medina is now Miss Universe Philippines 2016. She beat out 2015 Miss Universe winner, Pia Alonzo Wurzbach. Which means Maine Medina will be representing the Philippines in the Miss Universe 2016-2017 pageant. It came to many as a shock as Pia was the likely